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A heady day, today. Warm, dappled sunlight in San Francisco. Obama swears in as a “force of energy” and sends ripples of light into the world. There is a silk-delicate but strong breeze of hope. As Elizabeth Alexander read today…

“In today’s sharp sparkle,…, anything can be made, any sentence begun…”

Both their words resonate with me and reinforce my binds to that something bigger. What better day to start sharing?

We all have a story. Here, I’ll share some of mine. And I’ll hope that it helps you or helps you express your own.

My life changed starting June 19, 2006. I meant to start this blog a while ago, but I couldn’t type much. I’ll get into all that and more, later. And although I have my limits now, I’m driven by my something bigger.

I started my work, to be reflected here, as I realized I was serving a purpose much, much greater than just me and my need for a vocation or income or occupation or to keep busy or associate a new identity with myself. I needed that realization in order to start my work with Delicious Health, a year ago, as I was in too much pain and too terrified otherwise.

For now, welcome. I hope you contribute, ask, question, laugh, cry, and reaffirm that we – you – can’t take your health for granted. It’s too precious. Thanks for joining me and my contribution to make this world a little bit better. Welcome to Delicious Health.

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